Integrated marketing communications techniques and the use of social media are paramount in today's world of public relations. The most important perspective in embracing these methods is to understand the demand for consumer engagement. Utilization of this form of communications will only increase over time and the keys to maximizing its potential are creative innovation and proactive reputation management.

I first started using social media in 2006 as a member of Deviantart, followed by Myspace and Facebook. After being assigned to write blog entries for the 2008 U.S. Presidential Debate Internship at the University of Mississippi, I decided to create my own personal blog focused around my learning experiences in public relations, event planning, crisis communications and new media.

Since then I have immersed myself in online social media tools and successfully used them to promote and market programs, events, giveaways and more. Through hashtags, polls and one-on-one interactions I've develop high standard engagement qualities with target publics. Throughout my "Mr. Public Relations" blog, you will find different ways where social media played a key roll in my public relations efforts. The contents of this page provide some perspective on my commitment to understanding and leveraging the best social media practices.

If you notice, my blog, twitter, social network and portfolio all carry the same imagery and themes to better create a sense of familiarity and self branding. To visit my social media sites, just click on the corresponding images.

Mr. Public Relations: This PR blog is devoted to sharing my personal experiences and lessons learned through a public relations perspective. The self proclaimed title is not out of arrogance but is used as a self-motivating tool to help me reach the level of professional knowledge that I hope to accomplish.

My most well know post from the blog is "35 Twitter Hashtags for PR Pros." Since it's release, the post has been traceably retweeted more than 440 times with numerous mentions from prominent PR pros and websites. It has also been translated twice in Dutch.

Here is a sampling of the sites and reviews the post has received:
Ragan's PR Daily
Blog GoDown's Best Twitter Articles of 2010
Served Fresh Media's PRNewser
Philly PRSA (Among other PRSA chapters)
Coopr's Dutch translation

PRMillennial: This purpose oriented Twitter account focuses on sharing and learning about the latest PR trends with fellow PR and marketing practitioners. It is a wonderful learning tool for both my followers and I in developing stronger, more meaningful relationships and connections.

PROpenMic: The public relations equivalent to Facebook, this site provides networking resources for students, faculty and practitioners worldwide. To fully view my PROpenMic profile, you must first join the network.

LinkedIn: As LinkedIn evolves, I grow with it to better my use of social media resources and networking. I have joined numerous groups including HAPPO, #EntryPR/#PRIntern and #Journchat.

Online Surveys
Each of these surveys was developed using the Survey Monkey online software program.

Designed and implemented for the Society of Professional Journalists' Professional Development Committee to determine what new training ventures SPJ would begin focusing on to better benefit members.

EDF Business and Industry Appreciation Golf Classic
This survey was written and implemented for my Chamber of Commerce internship's annual EDF Business and Industry Appreciation Golf Classic.

News PodcastThe following Podcast is my finished product for a journalism course I took on editing.